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Cool Locker - Limited amount

Cool Locker - Limited amount

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Not a fan of warm beer and tent-heated food? Chill out, pre-book a Cool Locker and keep your food and drinks cold all festival long. 

How it works:

  • Pre-book now to secure a cool spot for your food and drinks at Roskilde Festival, Cool Lockers are limited and selling fast.
  • You can easily share the Cool Locker with your friend/camp.
  • Your code and locker number will be sent to your e-mail shortly before the rental period starts. You have direct access upon arrival at the festival site.
  • Cool Locker is accessible from 8 am - 12 am (08.00-24.00), meaning they are closed for the night, due to security reasons. 
  • We charge a 100 DKK deposit for the Cool Locker padlock, that you pay at the checkout. 
  • Before you leave the festival, empty your locker, return your padlock and we'll return your deposit within 21 bank days.
  • Pick a location when you pre-book your Cool Locker. If you pick I'll Choose Later, you will be asked to pick your location shortly before the festival starts. You can also contact to pick your location. We cannot guarantee your desired location is available if you pick your location later. 
  • There is a limited amount of Cool Lockers, so we advice you secure your locker and location now. 

Find Cool Lockers at these locations:

  • West City
  • Volt Hub G
  • Volt Hub J
  • Volt Hub L
  • Camping Area M
  • Volt Hub P
  • East City P
  • Volunteer Camping Z*
  • Rent Your Tent North**
  • Camping Area D

* Requires Volunteer Camping access. 
** Accessible from Tuesday the 2nd of July when the area open. 

Cool Locker is provided by Volt.

Price during the festival: 575,00 DKK incl. deposit. 


A 100 DKK deposit is charged at the checkout. Once you empty your Cool Locker and return the padlock, we will refund your deposit. It might take up to 21 bank days, before the money is back in your account.


Size: H: 40 x W: 30 x D: 50cm equivalent to 60L or about 4 cases of beer.

Temperature: 4-6 degrees Celsius.


  1. A 100 DKK deposit is charged at the checkout. Once you empty your Cool Locker and return the padlock, we will refund your deposit.
  2. Changing Cool Locker location depends on availability, please email: if you like to change your Cool Locker location, before the festival starts.
  3. Changing your Cool Locker location once the festival have startet, is not a possibility.
  4. We can not be held responsible for any items left in the Cool Locker. Using the Cool Locker is at your own risk.
  5. Cool Lockers are accessible from 09.00, Sat 29th of June until the end of the festival. Cool Locker Rent Your Tent North is accessible from Tuesday 2nd of July.
  6. Cool Lockers will be monitored on a daily basis
  7. It can take up to 21 bank days before the deposit is back in your account. The deposit will be returned to the account used to pay the deposit.
  8. We can not guarantee the temperature of the Cool Locker and will not be held responsible in case of a power failure or other events leading to a rising temperature within the Cool Locker.
  9. We can not in any event be held responsible for any injuries direct or indirect, damages to property or personal injury or injury to others due to the misuse of the Cool Locker and/or Locker.
  10. You'll receive your Cool Locker number and code shortly before your rental periode starts, the information, will be sent to your e-mail.
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