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Volt ApS

7x SOUNDBOKS Battery Swap

7x SOUNDBOKS Battery Swap

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In charge of music but got no charging for the battery? Pre-book your SOUNDBOKS Swaps now to keep the party going!

How it works:
  • Bring your flat SOUNDBOKS battery and swap it for a freshly charged one. 
  • Swap it as many times a day as you wish until you've reached the number of swaps that you've bought. 
  • You can swap your SOUNDBOKS battery seven times during the festival with this deal.
  • You can swap at the Service Hubs located around the festival.
The SOUNDBOKS Swapping Service is provided by Volt.

Price during festival: 550 DKK


You can swap you SOUNDBOKS battery seven times with this product.


  1. Your SOUNDBOKS battery can be swapped from 29 June at 16:00 and until midday 7 July.
  2. You can swap your SOUNDBOKS battery seven times with this offer.
  3. We always swap batteries according to models, meaning a BatteryBoks 1 will be swapped with a BatteryBoks 1, BatteryBoks 2 with a BatteryBoks 2, and BatteryBoks 3 with BatteryBoks 3.
  4. If your SOUNDBOKS battery appears with visible damage, we will not swap it.
  5. We are not responsible for any damages and/or injuries to the customer’s SOUNDBOKS, the customers, other people, and/or any other property that arises from the incorrect use of our service and/or batteries provided.
  6. We can not guarantee when swapping your SOUNDBOKS battery, that you will be given a battery of the same condition as handed in.
  7. The ownership and original product guarantee period of a handed in battery will be succeeded to the swapped battery and will not be extended/renewed.
  8. We will not be able to guarantee stock of all battery models during peak time, and we, therefore, hold the right to ask you to visit another booth or come back later.
  9. Battery swaps purchased but not utilized during the festival will not be refunded.
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