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Volt ApS

Volt Charging Service & Deposit

Volt Charging Service & Deposit

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The Volt Charging Service & Deposit, lets you pre-book your Volt Charger and Charging Service. The Volt Charging Service allows you to swap you Volt Charger once a day throughout the festival, to a fully charged Volt.

With the brand new Volt chargers your phone is guaranteed a full charge*. 

If you already have a Volt Charger, you can buy the charging service here

How it works:

  • Don't fancy running out of battery on the Festival? Get a portable charger and Charging Service from Volt.
  • When your Volt Charger is out of power, you simply swap it to a new fully charged Volt, at one of the swapping stations throughout the festival. You can swap your Volt Charger, once a day. 
  • By buying this product you, you're secured a Volt Charger and Charging service at Roskilde Festival.
  • Your deposit will be refunded within 21 bankdays of returning your Volt Charger at the festival.

Volt Charging Service & Deposit is provided by Volt Aps.

*By excessive use of social media or filming/photographing whilst charging your phone with the Volt charger, you might not get a full charge.

Price during festival 299,- kr. without deposit.


When you rent a Volt Charger with Volt, you pay a DKK 200kr. deposit, the deposit will be refunded once you return your Volt at the end of the festival. It might take up to 21 banking days before the deposit is back in your account.

You Volt Charger cannot be returned at any other festivals throughout the summer, or at a future Roskilde Festival.


Li-Poly Battery - Capacity 6000 mAh - In/Out 5V 2,1A

Measurements: L: 10,1cm x W: 6,2cm x D: 1,1cm


  1. If you don't already have a Volt Charger you will have to pay a DKK 200 deposit, to rent a Volt Charger.
  2. Your Volt Charger can be picked up from the 24th June when the campsite open.
  3. Your Volt Charger can be picked up at one of the Volt Containers or a Service Hub on the campsite.
  4. Your Volt Charger can only be swapped once a day.
  5. You'll have to return your Volt Charger to one of our Volt Containers or a Service Hub, by midday the 2nd July, to get your deposit back.
  6. Your Volt Charger cannot be returned after the festival or at any other festival throughout the summer.
  7. It can take up to 21 banking days before the deposit is back in your account, the deposit will be returned to the account used to pay the deposit.
  8. If you like, you can keep your Volt Charger once the festival ends, if you let us know before you leave the festival, we will give you a free charging cable, to charge your Volt Charger at home.
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