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Foreningen Roskilde Festival

Early Entry - Entrance Train Station

Early Entry - Entrance Train Station

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Age requirement (years): None

For the eager festival-goers who want to get into Camping West early via train. The train operates at 20/40-minute intervals from Saturday 24 June, arriving just a few minutes later at the Festival Train Station.
The train then operates in the following hours: 9-16.

If you arrive later than Saturday 24 June at 16:00 or want to stay at camping East, you do not need an early-entry ticket. 

If you want early entry, you can choose between six different types of early entry tickets. Some of them lead you to entrance West, others to entrance East, but you can easily cross the footbridge between Camping East and Camping West. This ensure that you can, for example, slip through the door in entrance West and find your special camping or community camping site in Camping East, or you can cross the footbridge the other way if you are heading towards a regular campsite in West. see map.

Please note that you still need a ticket to Roskilde Festival. An early-entry ticket is an add-on to ensure a smooth and calm opening. 

This ticket provides early access through entrance Train Station via Roskilde Station. 

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